Black and White Riot

A NZ Style Curvette Weekly Outfit Challenge Post

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. Many, many reasons for that, which I won’t go into here – maybe I’ll talk about at another time. For now, suffice to say, it’s 2016, I’m facing up to my fears and finally following a long-held plan to get this blog about fat fashion, fat fitness and being fabulous off the ground.

So here I am, pulling things out of my wardrobe for a pattern clash challenge. What a place to start. Lucky you guys though – everything in my outfit is currently on sale. What a win (doubly so, as I purchased everything at full price)

Pattern clashing felt a little forward for me, so I played it safe by choosing items that contained both black and white, along with a little splash of gold for interest.

Pattern Clash Outfit

What I’m wearing:

  • Ruby and Lilli Gilded Leopard tee in a size 3X (although I should probably size down to a 1x now) – currently on sale for $20
  • 17 Sundays BASIC  Tube Skirt – I’m wearing an older run, but the current similar style is on sale for $24.98. I’m wearing a size M.
  • ASOS Hush wide fit heeled sandals – these babies have killer stiletto heels. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t worn them out of the house yet. They’re currently $58.00.  These are an AU size 8
  • Belt is from an old City Chic purchase. I think it pulls the outfit together (no pun intended)

Image 1 of New Look Wide Fit Zip Front Heeled Sandals

I wore the outfit to work with a slightly more modest pair of heeled
sandals (also from ASOS and also on special) – $38.00!

Well, there you go. My first ‘fatshion’ post. Any thoughts/comments/feedback. Would you wear this outfit?  Should I post again?



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Second Class Citizen

After years of struggling with low self esteem, hating the way I look and generally feeling miserable a lot of the time, I changed. I discovered plus size fashion and the body positive movement.

Being fat doesn’t mean you have to be ugly. Being fat doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Being fat doesn’t mean you have to go without.

Turns out, I’m not just fat. I’m obese. Very obese, according to BMI calculations. Aah, BMI – it’s a tool that doesn’t cater appropriately for women with large busts and hips, a tool that doesn’t adequately recognise that people who go to the gym are going to be heavier than those who don’t. A tool that is designed to assess the overall weight of a broad population rather than be used to determine the health of individuals.

Being obese means I’m discriminated against. Despite the fact I have excellent blood pressure, resting heart rate, work out between 4 and 6 times per week, have healthy levels of cholesterol and the fasting sugar levels of someone half my weight, I was recently refused wisdom teeth surgery at a private hospital. Cut out by administrative policy, purely based on BMI without any consideration of any other health factors or the opinion of the dental surgeon.

It’s terribly unfair. But, it’s only going to get worse as we (Australia) are subjected to more and more American cultural imperialism and medical businesses continue to operate without any recriminations for discrimination based purely on appearance and weight. The cynic in me firmly believes if I was going in for bariatric surgery I wouldn’t have been rejected. I’m just lucky that my surgery isn’t urgent.

So, instead of being a keyboard activist, I’ve decided it’s time for change. I’m looking to reduce my bodyfat to a point where I won’t be treated like a second-class citizen by the medical community. It’s weird being in a place where I’m focussing on weight loss for health rather than to stop hating myself.

I’ve created this blog as a safe place to talk about the body positive and fat acceptance movements and also the challenges of weight loss as an obese person. I suspect there will also be a great deal of musing about how one can be actively losing weight and be body positive. After all, isn’t weight loss all about being dissatisfied with our appearances?

I’ll leave you with the inspiration for the title of this blog post; a song from my much younger days, when alt-ska-punk was a thing.